(7) Good For Food - Paperback

(7) Good For Food - Paperback
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  • Item #: 978-0-557-42715-4

Many people in the twenty-first century have tried some kind of diet. In fact, the list of recommended diets seems endless and confusing. In the midst of this confusion, wouldn’t it be great if you could speak with God and have Him design a diet just for you! Have you wondered what kind of diet God would recommend? This diet would not just be focused on weight loss, but rather a diet for optimal health from the person who actually knows. Have you ever wondered what kind of diet Jesus followed? Now you can stop wondering! The book Good For Food answers these questions from the Bible. Discover what God wants you to know about food. God does care about you and what you eat and drink!

Description: 168 pages, 9" x 6" perfect binding, black and white interior ink, full-color exterior
ISBN: 978-0-557-42715-4
Copyright: © 2010
Language: English
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